Best security type for your Wi-Fi

Choosing the best security protocol for a wireless network like Wi-Fi is critical to prevent untrustworthy connections. The right type of security method keeps freeloaders and hackers away from your Wi-Fi network and private data.


Why should you upgrade to the Subisu 5GHz plus dual-band router?

Subisu has introduced its 5GHz plus dual-band router in the Nepali market to facilitate internet users with improved speed over WiFi connection.


7 Easy Tips to boost Wi-Fi speed at your home

There are a few reasons why your WiFi is running slow despite having a good internet plan at your home. Here are 7 easy ways to speed up the home WiFi.


7 Essential Work from Home Tips During COVID-19 Lockdown

While working from home you may encounter constant interruptions and distractions. Here are some effective tips to work from home during COVID-19 lockdown and enhance your productivity.


Basic troubleshoot of slow internet

Despite having a high-speed internet connection sometimes you may experience slow internet speed and decline in performance. Sometimes, your super-fast Wi-Fi and internet fail you when you want it most.


How to use public internet or Wi-Fi safely in Nepal?

People using free Wi-Fi services in Nepal are not aware of what they're probably exposed to or are exposing. But for the times you're connected to it you can still limit the potential risks with the following tips.

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